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Shipping Policy

Please know everything on this site is hand made by one designer Jasmine Goodwin. When placing an order, please allow up to two business weeks for each order to ship out to you. Some orders may come sooner than two weeks; a message will be sent out to you if a your order comes early. If you need an order sooner than two weeks please contact me by visa email: or message me through this website.

Return & Exchange Policy

We have a simple and fair return and exchange policy. If you receive an order that was damage by post delivery it can be returned for a full refund. Please provide and send a image of the damage order item as proof. Please allow all refunds one business week to be fully refunded. If you are returning a limited edition item for whatever reason, it most not be worn or damaged. If a limited edition item is sent back damaged, stained, or extensively worn you will not be refunded. If you want to exchange an item, the exchanged item MOST be the same price as the original item previously purchased. 

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