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  • What is Wet Laxet? What is it made out of?
    Some of my swimwear or other products are made out of a quality of fabric labeled wet latex. When talking to the fabric store owner and other fabric experts about the material; it is described to me as high quality PVC, but not directly related to regular PVC material. This fabric behaves; and have to be taken care of like real latex. The only difference is there's a soft fabric lining on one side of the material. Which is why it's named wet latex or high quality PVC. This type of fabric is more related to a material known as datex; which is not commonly known in the fabric world. (In short, this material is the second cousin of both latex and PVC.)
  • How long will it take for my items to arrive?
    It will take up to two business weeks for most standard shipment orders to be shipped out. However, some orders may come sooner than the two business weeks expectancy; there will be a email message sent out to you if any order comes early or delayed.
  • Do you ship internationally?
    Sadly, I only ship to US & Canada. I no longer ship to the UK or any other European countries.
  • Can I exchange sizes on clothing products?
    Yes. You can exchange sizes of items that you've recently purchased. However, you CAN NOT exchange limited edtion clothing products for a different size IF that item is completely sold out or out of that sizing. Please allow 1-2 bussiness weeks for your new size item to arrive, once Dark Jasmine, LLC receive the return exchanged item.
  • How are the clothing items measured?
    The clothing items on this website are measured by modern USA sizing. All clothing items are hand-made by owner and fashion designer Jasmine Goodwin. There is a measurement chart at the bottom right of every clothing item, when you select the full view of that item.
  • Do you have custom sizing available?
    Sadly, no. I am no longer doing custom sizing.
  • Can I return a limited item for a full refund?
    Yes, you can return a limited edition item. But the limited edition item most not be damaged, stained or extensively worn in order to get a fully refund. You will not be refunded if it is sent back damaged. Please allow one business week for a full refund to process.
  • What is Afterpay?
    Afterpay is a buy now, pay later instant lender that divides your purchase amount into four biweekly payments. Go to for more details
  • Is your clothing handmade or are they done by manufactors?
    All my clothing, accessories, and jewerly boxes and handmade and designed by me, Jasmine Goodwin, owner and fashion designer of Dark Jasmine, LLC. These are one of a kind items that you can't find anyway else; no copies or duplcates can not be found anywhere else.
  • Do you vendor at vending events?
    Yes! Check out the EVENT PAGE to find out where I will be selling my products next.
  • Do you have a store or are you selling your produce in stores?
    I currently do not have a store, nor am I co-signed with any stores to sell my produces. I will update everyone when that changes. ;)
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