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Dark Jasmine.....


Dark Jasmine is a small independent business brand that is owned and designed by fashion designer, Jasmine Goodwin in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA. Jasmine has been a seamstress since a young age and studied her passion for design and fashion at the Art Institute of Philadelphia. After she left school, she went to studied the ways of Alternative and Gothic fashion design solo, and created the Dark Jasmine brand that designs women’s apparel, accessories, and jewelry boxes base off of this atheistic.


All things Dark Jasmine is handmade by Jasmine Goodwin with high quality fabrics and materials. The aesthetic and style of Dark Jasmine’s clothing is a mixture of alternative grunge with modern goth; giving you a torn and patched-up looks along with clean modern dark fashion.

Dark Jasmine accessories consist of mainly spiked, elastic, and sliver ringed choker and body harnesses that allow customers to add that little detail that makes their everyday outfit standout and more fun. All jewelry boxes of Dark Jasmine are hand painted by fashion designer, Jasmine Goodwin. These jewelry boxes are meant to be cute, fun, and have a little dark humor about them; all jewelry boxes and round and coffin shaped and can appeal to any customer’s dark home aesthetic.

Dark Jasmine is proud to a different type of Alternative Gothic brand that people of the subculture can get into and love what they have and wear; knowing it’s something that can’t be found anyway else.

*Blow Kisses*

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