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About Me.


Dark Jasmine, LLC is a small online business brand that is owned by me, Jasmine Goodwin. The brand sells women’s apparel, accessories, and limited edition jewelry boxes that are hand-painted by me and designed base off the gothic and alternative atheistic. Dark Jasmine, LLC is size inclusive; with clothing size ranging from XS-5XL. Using only good quality materials for my brand, so that it’s durable and comfortable. I have always listened to the customers wants/demands and because of them, I continue to grow and expand its brand. 

Dark Jasmine is proud to a different type of Alternative Gothic brand for people in, or out of the subculture, can get into and love what they have and wear; knowing it’s something that can’t be found anyway else.

The Designer:

I have been a seamstress ever since I was a young per-teen. I’ve always wanted to create art pieces you could wear and standout in a crowd. I studied fashion design at the Art Institute of Philadelphia. In less than one year of leaving college, I started to create and form Dark Jasmine, LLC online. I didn’t want my dream of being a fashion designer and successful business owner to die, just because I couldn’t conform/function through traditional american educational system. I self-educated myself on how to run an online business (production, advertising, marketing, and shipping). I designed everything from the website to the shopping bags for when I do in-person vendors events. Currently, I make women’s apparel, accessories, and hand painted jewelry boxes.

My goals are and has always been: uniqueness and inclusivity. Dark Jasmine, LLC designs are something you cannot found anywhere less, and there’s no copies or look alikes of my products. The colors of Dark Jasmine represent the shades of a dying jasmine flower, (pink, dark magenta, red/burgundy, purple, dark blue, and black). I incorporate these colors in my designs, packaging, and website aesthetic. The name, Dark Jasmine, has more meaning than just my first name attached to it. It represents the ever changes of life and death, the light along with the dark. It shows through the product designs that beauty can be found in something so dark, different, and destroyed.

Designer Jasmine Goodwin



Art Institute of Philadelphia

Studied her passion for design and fashion at the Art Institute of Philadelphia. After she left school, she went to studied the ways of Alternative and Gothic fashion design solo, and created the Dark Jasmine brand that designs women’s apparel, accessories, and jewelry boxes base off of this atheistic.

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