Inspired by the movie character "Elvira: Mistress of the Dark". This black velvet jumpsuit has a deep the V-neck cut in the front that is,( if I do say so myself), is Elvira approved; with a black cotton wool-like string laced at the front that gives it a more edgy but seductive look. The long sleeves are cut into wicked triangles at the ends that can seduce any pray that you desire. This jumpsuit, though velvet, is very light and breathable and can be worn in almost every season. The garment is a slip on and is snapped together by the crutch area. You can dress it up or down by wearing it as is, with some tights or with any bottoms that you would like. It's the perfect jumpsuit for any occasion. I hope you enjoy wearing this garment. Please don't forget to share your pictures and thoughts  though messages or by hashtaging Dark Jasmine.


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